Assassin's Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice - Creed vs Crows expansion

- Expansion -

The competitive mode for 2 to 4 players! Play the Assassins with Ezio Auditore against Cesare Borgia and his Crows.

Expansion available in these languages:
(additional language packs for German, Spanish and Italian)

Choose your faction: Assassins or Crows.

All miniatures are made of high-quality plastic, pre-assembled and unpainted. Assassins Miniatures not inluded.

2 ways to win immediately: destroy your opponent's tower or eliminate all their characters. Or win by scoring the most points: complete mission objectives, secret objectives, ...

Select a type of automaton, carry it to your objective and surprise your opponents with its effect!

Face a new event system! If you have the initiative, decide which part of the card to play.

Play on 10 gorgeous castle tiles, including two towers (Crows and Assassins).

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