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Luck Mitigation in the Game

Thibaud's intention was to create a tactical game that offered multiple choices to the players. He also wanted to ensure they had enough control over the game in order to feel responsible for their victory (or defeat), therefore it was important to ensure that luck wasn’t a huge factor.

A few examples of how we accomplished this:

- The event cards often leave players with an entire turn to avoid or benefit from their effects. Additionally, many of them are neutral or even have a positive effect. On top of that, each card is auto-balanced: for example, if the event is detrimental to the commandos, the enemies will move to the south, which will often move them away from the objective (which is usually in the north). Two examples:

- When an enemy is eliminated, he drops equipment that can be seen by the players, who can then decide if it is worth moving to.

- Close combat attack always succeeds (no dice throwing required).