Iterative process… 2/2

Like in the videogame industry, V-Sabotage was created following a very iterative process. Some tokens were declined in more than a dozen versions before being finally approved. Usually, the changes were about correcting problems of:



Example: sometimes, ideas are just abandoned… At first, the rules stated that an enemy needed to be on the alarm’s tile to trigger it. During our research moments, we got the idea of creating a dedicated enemy token to trigger the alarm; but it ended up disappearing when we changed the rule about it.




Example: during a meeting with our manufacturer in Essen, this one informed us that there could be a 1.5mm offset when cutting the tokens. If we had chosen to keep the original sharp layout on the tokens, this offset would have been quite visible; that being said, we decided to modify it so it became blurred, in order to reduce the impact of any offset.


Before                                       After