Hand Sculted Brute Mini

The majority of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice miniatures were created in 3D (on a screen), but some miniatures were sculpted entirely by hand, the majority by Stéphane Simon. We are going to discover his incredible work today with the Brute, one of the elite guards. This is the very first miniature that has been created for the game. Our level of expectation was very high but when I saw the incredible level of detail of this guard, I said to myself that we were clearly in the right direction !

I have inserted some comments from Stéphane in italics...

1. After reading the brief we sent him, Stéphane concludes: "It's still a great challenge!"

3. "There are small edgings visible on all the plates, going to our scale I have to enlarge them. In fact the edgings [circled in red on the photo] are just thin enough/thick enough to pass to the plastic molding (finer, we risk losing them). I think that the edging brings relief and volume, especially with the plastic molding which "smooths" everything."

4. "I modified the decorations, by alternating plates and borders, I think it's much nicer, in hand the decorations are really small."

5. "Do you want a second griffin on the back of the mini for the right shoulder plate? I blasted my eyes out working on it, but it's worth it!!"