German Flag on the Spy’s Commando Card

The German flag has changed since the war, and we wanted to make sure the flags around each commando were era-appropriate. During the war, the German flag was the infamous swastika flag:



Our German spy (in the V-Sabotage: Résistance expansion) couldn’t in good conscience have this flag on his card! Also, it is against the law to have anything display a swastika in Germany, so having it on a card would have made it difficult to sell V-Commandos in that territory. We therefore chose to give him the current German flag, used since 1949 but whose origins go back to before the war…



In February of 1924, the Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold organization was formed to protect the fragile democracy of the Republic of Weimar.  In addition to becoming the symbol of German democracy, the black-red-gold flag also became the symbol of resistance against political extremism.

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