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Creating “Eiffel Tower” Terrain Card

It was obvious that the iconic monument of the Eiffel Tower would be in the V-Sabotage: Résistance expansion. This one gives a lot of room to the French Résistance: what else to embody their actions?

Here is the original briefing to our illustrator for this card:

“Commandos discreetly sabotaged a TV transmitter and light beam at the top of the tower. I’m having trouble finding historical references… Here are period photos (the current big antenna wasn’t there). At the end of this video, you can see the top of the tower:

Wikipedia: The tower was requisitioned by the Wehrmacht to communicate with their troops. The only functioning TV transmitter in Europe during the war, the Fernsehsender Paris, was also set up in the tower. Its content, mostly in French, was intended for German soldiers wounded and staying in the hospitals of the area. The Germans also set up a light beam at the top of the tower, to vector the aircraft by night.

Here are the historical and one Assassin's Creed images that came along with the brief:

And here is the final illustration: