Apocalypse, the new expansion for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice!

A new expansion for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice!

Triton Noir was founded in 2014 and we've only done three Kickstarter campaigns since then, which is about one every three years. We are a small independent studio and we work on one game at a time. So you can imagine that the announcement of a new funding campaign is an event for us. For you too, hopefully ;)

Following the success of Assassin's Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice, we have renewed our licensing agreement with Ubisoft and we are very happy to announce a new opus! The action will take place during the Renaissance as well, but thousands of miles east of Italy, in the ancient kingdom of Cambodia. You will meet again the Assassins from the Roma expansion or those from the core box, accompanied by the Assassin Shao Jun. You'll track down a renegade Assassin through the jungle through a dozen Memories full of surprises and twists!
This expansion will be compatible with both the Kickstarter collector's edition (black box) and the retail edition (white box).

Welcome to the ancient kingdom of Cambodia!

So here we are in a brand new environment, never before explored by the Assassin's Creed® license! We've worked hard to create everything that will make up this expansion: new enemies, new equipment, weapons and armor, new events, new skills for the Assassins, gorgeous tiles and miniatures... and of course a lot of new gameplays! Your Assassins will evolve in the middle of the jungle, among ruined temples and they will be constantly threatened by hostile wildlife.
The Naga you can see below is a faithful reproduction of some typical Cambodian statues. Its incredibly detailed miniature will brilliantly replace the Venetian towers.
In this expansion, the action takes place a few years after the events of Venice. The brilliant Assassin Shao Jun (see below) will replace Ezio in this new adventure. She will be controlled collectively by the players who will benefit from the presence of an additional Assassin with unique abilities.

Environment and gameplay

The tactical stealth gameplay that made the game so successful will still be there, with new features! We are going to reveal some of them today.

Some tiles will contain Danger tokens. These tokens will often reveal hostile animals like cobras or crocodiles.

A cobra can poison you: You will then lose 1 health cube and as long as you have not used an antidote, you will play with 1 less action cube. Their venom can also be combined with your attacks to automatically eliminate a targeted guard!

A crocodile will grab you with its jaws and won't let go. The only possible action is to try to eliminate it and swim to the opposite bank. Yes, sometimes you will have to swim across a river while fighting against the current that will inexorably lead you to a deadly waterfall... A perilous situation, especially when a crocodile holds you in its mouth!
Other animals like the mongoose or the macaque will come to your aid, the former by attacking the cobra, the latter by stealing the alarm bell, which will stop the alarm.
In the middle of the jungle, there will be two new types of hideouts: trees and tall grass which you can see below.

An Assassin in a treetop can move to another tree with a grappling hook as one could do with a parachute, but this time he or she will arrive discreetly in the tree without risking be noticed by the enemies present at the foot of the tree.

The tall grass allows you to enter or leave a square by moving from one area of tall grass to another if they are in contact. Great for stealth movement!

Explore the Cambodian jungle

Your Assassins will be constantly moving through the jungle, so they won't have access to an HQ. It will be replaced by a brand new system inspired by open world video games.

Between Memories, you will decide which paths to explore on a richly illustrated map of the region with dozens of points to visit: encounters with local characters, exploration of ruins and mysteries, as well as forges to craft objects using blueprints, dispensaries to treat you, observation points allowing you to move quickly, scripted locations, etc... Your choices in each of these places will permanently change the rest of the campaign by adding new equipments, events, weapons, enemy reinforcements and other surprises!

The image below represents about 1/4 of the total map.
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