A Look at the Game Before the Kickstarter Campaign

Here are images showing an outline of the game from many months prior to the Kickstarter campaign.

In this image, we see for example that the equipment tokens lost their silver and gold outlines that indicated if they were common or rare items. This was to help make the game more fluid and avoid printing issues. We can also see the old versions of the German disguises (too difficult to understand during playtests) and the key, replaced by the crowbar for better coherence: in the final game, a door cannot be closed once open.


In this image, we see a tile that wasn’t kept in the final version. This road didn’t connect properly with grass tiles and resulted in players being unable to distinguish between interior and exterior locations.


In this last image, we can see that the mission structure was simplified by removing secondary objectives (we already had enough to do with the different terrains).