A journey through
the ages

Funded by a veteran from the video game industry, our studio gathered many talents around its very first adventure: V-Commandos, at the very heart of World War II!

Today, the team has expanded and is working on the miniature tabletop game Assassin’s Creed©: Brotherhood of Venice, to be released in 2020.


And... Triton Noir was born!

As soon as he turned 17, our founder, Thibaud de la Touanne, started illustrating magazines and participating in the creation of giant spray-painting frescos. As a student in Arts, he also made his debuts in logos creation for pen & paper RPGs.

Then it was time to begin a 20-year career into video games: graphic designer, game designer, producer… for Cryo, Kalisto, Gameloft or Ubisoft. Thibaud has been into gaming for years.


The community is the cornerstone of projects like ours. Without the support of passionate players on Kickstarter, V-Commandos and Assassin’s Creed ©: Brotherhood of Venice may not have come to life. Today, we are settled in Montreal, Canada. Our brains are restless, our minds create, our hands draw and sculpt, and our fingers regularly type on our keyboards to chat with the community.


Based in Montreal, Canada, our brains are boiling, our minds create,
our hands draw and sculpt and our fingers type on keyboards to talk to the community.